Comment perdre 48 kilos sans régime ni exercice physique

Celine Dion revealed the cause of her anorexia for the first time. What almost killed the famous singer?

Today Celine Dion finally looks like a healthy woman and that makes her fans happy. The fun favorite doesn`t look like an anorexic old woman anymore, but at 52 she is still very slender.

Surely, you remember last year photos of Celine Dion, where she looked painfully thin: a sunken face and bones covered with skin. Yeap, during her career the actress managed to be different, but this concerned only her images. And she had never been as dystrophic as a year ago. Fans wondered what had caused such a dramatic change. Someone said that it was a long depression after the death of her husband and mother (she passed away in January 2020). Others claimed that the singer was terminally ill.

Fortunately, Celine Dion managed to overcome all the difficulties. Today she continues to pursue a career, raise children and take care of herself. The actress regularly shares photos and videos with followers where she demonstrates her perfect shape. But without the frightening thinness anymore. So, what caused the actress's anorexia? What nearly got the songwriter into trouble? For the first time Celine Dion decided to tell our publisher about this. She admitted that she was almost killed by the pills, which she took twice more than recommended. But first thing's first.

Probably, it was a difficult period in your life. But tell us what happened then?

I went through a difficult period last year. Young children, career, work. I lost my mother and still had not recovered from the death of my beloved husband. One day I realized that I didn't like myself anymore and decided to change something. This something was the desire to become thinner. It seemed to me that I put on weight. I will not bore you for a long time with stories about how I starved and did sports to the point of exhaustion. So, I met my old friend at the Fashion Week in Paris . And at first I didn't even recognize him as he had lost 45 kilograms!

Then he was even angry with me, as I walked past him and did not say hello. Later I found out his secret of losing weight. The secret turned out to be a drug called KETO ADVANCED 1500. My friend assured me that this is an easy, fast and safe way to lose weight. “Tested on myself,” he joked then. I decided this is what I need! He managed to get a couple of KETO ADVANCED 1500 bottles for me. Before taking it, I decided to read about this drug. And I learned that this is already a rather sensational weight loss product, which contains BHB. Powerful Fat Burner Ketone has been modified to create a natural, instant fat burning solution. Moreover, I found a study published in the journal “Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism”, where it was written that KETO Advanced 1500 promotes the burning of fat, not carbohydrates for energy, which significantly accelerates weight loss and increases energy. Additionally, TV Dr. Oz has called KETO Advanced 1500 the "Holy Grail" of weight loss, which REALLY WORKS.

So if this drug is natural and harmless, why did it bring you to anorexia?

It's my fault, I did not take it according to the instructions. I decided the more the better. Instead of one pill I took three. In two weeks - minus 4 kg, in another three months - minus 11. For someone it's not too much. But I weighed 57 kilos at the beginning. And at the end of the course - 46 kg. Yes, I lost weight. But at the same time, my face became thinner, wrinkles appeared, my skin tightened. Now I look at old photographs and I see that I really looked very painful. And aged.

In the end, what can you say about Keto Advanced 1500? Is this a bad drug?

No, on the contrary! My anorexia is my fault. the instruction is written and side effects from an overdose are mentioned. So I just had an overdose. After my recovery, KETO ADVANCED 1500 was taken by dozens of my friends and famous stars. But only according to the instructions! And the result is excellent for everyone. The extra kilos are gone, and more than that, the weight doesn`t go up anymore even after the end of the course. So my verdict is that KETO ADVANCED 1500 is a really effective drug.

The drug can only be obtained by famous people? Is it impossible for ordinary people?

A year ago, it was so. But today KETO ADVANCED 1500 is available for everyone who wants to lose weight without restrictions and sports. You can order these magic pills on the official website. PLEASE, PAY ATTENTION, that this is the only website which you can use to order a genuine product. Other sites sell fake Chinese products that are ineffective. I vouch for the original drug on THIS SITE. As I personally took part in its creation and promoting.

Celine, thank you very much for giving an interview to our publisher. We wish you creative success and be as beautiful and slender as you are! But please, no more experiments. We adore you!

IMPORTANT: use the drug STRICTLY ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS to achieve results without side effects.
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